The history of IMS

International Medical Service (IMS) Ltd.

Since its foundation in 1990, our company have been developed dynamically and continuously enhanced the portfolio of services, in a wide range of the outpatients’ medical care. This has resulted from the unchanged ownership structure for 26 years and the stable company management.

The up-to-date instrumentation following the improvement of medical sciences, the highly qualified employees and the modern information technique background and its operation as per a permanent internal quality control (ISO 9001:2015) system have made the IMS one of the market leader service providers in the Hungarian healthcare service network.

In respect of its activity, IMS is one of the largest healthcare institutions, providing, within the scope of outpatient healthcare, the unity of private and OEP-financed healthcare.

Our mission

We provide, through our advanced service culture, continuously renewing and high quality health services to satisfy both our partners and patients.

The IMS Ltd. is unique on the domestic health service market

Unique, high quality cardiology center, supported by modern diagnostic background
Our patients have the opportunity to use the ambulant cardiology centre
Transtelephonic ECG (24 hours cardiology control at your home)
Nationwide cardiology centre with 16 receiving-evaluating centre, in close co-operation with the National Emergency Service
Physiotherapy at our institution after the home healthcare
The patient will be provided with a written information on the results of the examinations, which also covers the the doctor’s opinion and professional medical advice
24 hours emergency medical healthcare (including internal medicine-type care)