Medical home care

Medical home care, in respect of the special healthcare, curative gymnastics and physiotherapy activities ordered by the therapeutist, has been performed at the patient’s home by the IMS Kft since 1994.

Medical home care helps to prevent the patient from getting into the hospital or to shorten the stay there.
After the hospital treatment we provide assistance and provide the special healthcare activities, ordered by the therapeutist, at the patient’s home. After serious diseases (cardiac thrombosis, operation, accident, etc.) we facilitate to restore the life and work activity.

Our nursing services:

1. Performing and training nursing activities connected to tube feeding and drinking;
2. Cleaning of tracheal cannulae, changing the inserts, training the activity;
3. Special nursing tasks (in case of women patients) connected to changing permanent catheters or to regular catheterization, bladder wash;
4. Special nursing tasks connected to intravenous salt and volume replacement (through infusion given by the doctor);
5. Post-incident and post-operation special healthcare task, ensuring hygiene of the body in case of dependence, assisting movement;
6. Healthcare of operation areas (open and closed wounds), stomatherapy, and special healthcare of handling drains for different purposes;
7. Special healthcare tasks connected to decubitated areas and ulcers;
8. Special healthcare task in order to replace, improve or supplement temporarily or permanently lost or limited functions as a result of disease:

Teaching how to use medical aids, prostheses,
Teaching how to use tools to move or have moved,
Assisting the change of location or position;

9. Special services when requried (recording ECG, oxygen therapy, tapping body fluids, curing with medical lamps or TENS device) only when other financed services are provided;
10. Special healthcare on lasting pain relief;
11. Medical exercising or physicotherapy, depending on the patient’s condition;
12. Dying patients’ special healthcare at home (describing the services to be provided);
13. Through special healthcare and special therapy we provide the patient with psychical caring, eating consulting, teaching of any activities that the either the patient and/or the relatives can do to maintain and restore her/his health or to prevent it from worsening.

Medical excersising and physiotherapy within the scope of medical home care

We provide our patients whose sickness does not allow visiting our polyclynic personally, with the opportunity of having treatments by the exercise expert or the physiotherapy assistant at the patient’s home. Both services are available ordered by the family doctor, on the basis of a specialist’s opinion. A specialist recommendation can be given by an orthopedist, neurosurgeon, surgeon, traumatologist, neurologist and rheumatologist. Recommendations given by specialists are valid for a month.

The healthcare financed by social insurance allows maximum 2x14 visits, which we should perform within two months Financed by the OEP, the above medical home care services are free of charge for our patients having social security card card.

The service is availabe on the basis of a written recommendation provided by the family doctor, the hospital doctor or the specialist of the outpatient specialist consultant. On the basis of such recommendation, the special healthcare services is ordered by the family doctor on the Special healthcare Order Form.

In terms of our agreement with the OEP we can provide the home medical care free of charge, to the debit of the contracted visit limit, in the following regions and places:

Budapest: Districts II., III., V., XIII., and XV.
Pest county: Budakeszi, Cegléd, Nagykőrös, Érd, Vecsés, Gyál, Felsőpakony.

However, upon request, in addition to the above social security-financed services and limits, we can also provide payable, privately financed homecare service for patients, plus the following services:

Cardiologic control at home – telemedicina service (Transtelephonic ECG)
24 hours healthcare
Psychological and mental health assistance
Household help