The Transtelephonic ECG is a special, ECG recording device, which allows anyone to record her/his ECG on her/his own, at any time of the day while working or doing any kind of activities. The recorded ECG then can be forwarded either through landline or cellular phone to the cardiology evaluation centre.


Emergency healthcare

Our emergency medical services have been provided 24 hours a day since 1994 on working days, weekdays and public holidays as well for the adults living in District 3 in Budapest. The quality assurance system of our company also relates to the regulation of the emergency service process.


Medical home care

After hospital treatment we provide assistance and special healthcare activities, ordered by the therapist, at the patient’s home. After serious diseases (cardiac thrombosis, operation, accident, etc.) we facilitate to restore the life and work activity and to accelerate the patient’s recovery.


One of the largest medical clinic in Hungary

Our services are provided by our highly qualified medical staff of 600 people who provide services to 500,000 patients per year by making 820,000 examinations. Our clinic provides a substantial range of services in respect of state-financed medical services.


Curing at our clinic is not a job, but a commitment.

The proof is that we have been doing it already for 26 years.

Nationwide Transtelephonic ECG System

We are operating our Telemedicine-Transtelephonic ECG system with 24 hours Cardiology Evaluation Centre-Cooperation in 16 locations in the country, including National Cardiac Centres and all the regions of the National Emergency Service.


Our highly qualified doctors

We can win and keep our patients’ trust only of doctors making the examinations are maximally trusted by all of our patients and who are doing their best for our patients’ recovery.